Daniella Stewart

Co-operative Care Dog Groomer


Hi, I’m Daniella and I am a co-operative care dog groomer based in Swindon. 

My journey started when I adopted my first dog Maximus, a collie x. Max didn’t have the best start in life and therefore struggles around dogs he doesn’t know. He turned my world upside down and I had to learn more about dog behaviour and training methods than I ever thought possible. 

When I first finished my dog grooming course, I never meant for it to be a career. I only wanted to learn so I could groom my Max myself without having to worry about finding somewhere that suited his complex needs. As time went on, I realised there were a lot of dogs just like Max who needed something a little different.

Since qualifying, I have been on a real learning journey and have constantly found new ways of doing things to help the dogs I care for. I pride myself on my ability at the dog my  care as a whole rather than just at their skin and coat. Are they behaving a certain way due to pain? Are there external stressers happening in their lives that need addressing before a groom can be started? What can I do to help them live a calmer and more relaxed life?

My aim for Woody’s is to create less of a grooming environment and more of a co-operative care training environment. This is where I will spend time helping your dogs learn how to offer behaviours needed by a groomer (and in some cases a vet). These behaviours include chin rests (useful for cleaning and trimming hair away from eyes, brushing teeth etc), allowing you to brush them, clip their nails (or how they can file their own nails) and so on. All things that will make grooming that little bit less stressful. I will also be looking at ways I can support you when grooming your dogs at home between appointments.

I am investing in additional training to learn more about styling, but as always your dogs wellbeing will ALWAYS come before the way a groom looks. This may sometimes mean a dogs grooming appointment is broken into smaller sections over a few days rather than in one go to make it more bearable for them.

I am constantly learning, and plan on continuing to do so too – as you should never stop being a student of your trade. Things change constantly and it’s important to stay up to date.

I want to help owners prepare their dogs for the professional grooming environment and feel comfortable handling their dogs when managing their coat at home.

Dogs spend approximately 260 hours+ of their lives being groomed so its always worth investing the time to make sure it’s a positive experience for them.

I completed my Holistic Dog Grooming Diploma (CPDUK Accredited) in 2022 and my level 1 DAATA-ICDG certification. I am currently studying for my level 2.

As well as a dog groomer, I am a proud mummy to two beautiful little girls and my two rescue dogs Maximus and Monty.

Contact me via Facebook or my Website to enquire about joining succeeding together