Daniella Stewart

Holistic Dog Groomer


Hi, I’m Daniella and I am a dog groomer based in Swindon. 

My journey started when I adopted my first dog Maximus, a collie x. Max didn’t have the best start in life and therefore struggles around dogs he doesn’t know. He turned my world upside down and I had to learn more about dog behaviour and training methods than I ever thought possible. 

I really struggled to find somewhere to take Max to be groomed who understood his quirky ways and weren’t going to force him into any situations that would push all our training backwards, and so it’s because of him that I decided to do a dog grooming qualification. I completed my City and Guilds L2 qualification in July 2017 and a First Aid course earlier the same year.

To me grooming is so much more than making a dog look pretty. I believe grooming should be done only for the purposes of welfare and at a pace your dog is comfortable with. You can never take the stress out of grooming completely but we can make it easier and give choice back to our dogs. I try my best to never use restraints whilst grooming a dog as I believe this gives them more of an opportunity to walk away from me if they want to. Only when they choose to return to me either to accept a treat or just for a cuddle will I continue with a groom. Giving your dog a choice about how they are groomed allows me to gain their trust, something that is so much more important to me than how they look at the end of the groom. The more they trust me, the more they will allow me to do.

I want to help owners prepare their dogs for the professional grooming environment and feel comfortable handling their dogs when managing their coat at home.

Dogs spend approximately 260 hours+ of their lives being groomed so its always worth investing the time to make sure it’s a positive experience for them.

I am currently completing my Holistic Dog Grooming Diploma (CPDUK Accredited) in hope of joining the Canine Centred Grooming Alliance.

As well as a dog groomer, I am a proud mummy to a beautiful little girl and my two rescues Max and Monty.

Contact me via Facebook or my Website to enquire about joining succeeding together

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