Samantha Bailey k9confidential

Dog Behaviour Counsellor, Trainer and Botanical Self Healing


Hi. I am Sam. I completed my Post graduate diploma in Animal Behaviour Counselling at Southampton University. I maintain a high standard of knowledge and practical experience through seminars, workshops and keeping up to date with the latest research.

I have a Jack Russell Terrier called Lucy, she loves her Kong especially when it is filled with chicken. Lucy has fear aggression around dogs and men with sticks. I fully understand how it feels to live with a dog that requires extra care and attention and will always be empathetic to your situation.

With over ten years experience working with and training dogs, I am a full member of The Canine Behaviour and Training Society (TCBTS), who require a high standard of both theoretical and practical experience. I am also listed as an Accredited Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC).

I am a provisional member of the APBC (having gained the relevant academic qualifications Samantha is gaining the practical experience necessary to become a certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist and therefore a full member of the APBC).

I also am qualified in botanical self healing to help facilitate you and your dogs journey

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