Understand the Subtle Signals

Understand the Micro Behaviour Signs (also referred to as calming signals) i.e. head turning away, blinking, licking, the shake off, low head carriage, lip smacking, aggressive behaviour, light and shadow chasing, more vocal and restless and wanting to be alone more than normal or not wanting to do things they have done before.

Not just behaviour changes look for physical changes:

  • Movement and Gait Changes
  • Sensitive to Touch
  • Weight Shifting – not just limping
  • Lethargic
  • Change in Breathing- such as rapid and shallow
  • Change in Scent
  • Coat Changes
  • See the whites of their eyes more

USE YOUR EYES, EARS, NOSE and HANDS to look for changes, physically and behaviorually.

Not sure about spotting weight shifting unless you see a limp?
Ever tried walking your dog on a beach and seeing the impressions left behind. Notice if they no longer want to walk on certain surfaces or can no longer jump on certain objects.